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Stage: 30
Start: Union, NJ - COMPLETED!
End: Plainfield, NJ
Time:7:46 pm
Start Lat/Lon:40.608452 , -74.445602
End Lat/Lon:40.69750, -74.26316
Distance:11.4 miles
Route Notes:
Begin 1976 Morris Ave. Union under 10 billowing USA flags of the Municipal Building. Pass by two Veteran Memorials in Union. Join Union County Parks Trail system for 2.5 miles. Run Broad St. into Westfield. Stop at the World War Memorial. Take South Ave. thru Fanwood, Scotch Plains and ending on Park Dve. Green Brook Park, Plainfield.
In this stage, you could run past any number of military landmarks or cemeteries in honor of the fallen. We're excited to see the route you choose!

Stage Captain

"A little for those that have given so much. "

The Squad

Cristella LaRosa
"Running is a great way to give back to help those who have selflessly defended our country."
Kelly Polisin
"To run for the fallen. "
Jack Robertson
"What better way to help the very deserving families of our military heroes. "

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